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Congratulations to the Wilson's who where married on the Carnival Dream. Had fun in the sun shooting some of their photos in the ocean on the Grand Cayman Islands. They were great sports about getting in the ocean fully dressed.

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Contractors Pyramid
When Booking your Wedding Photographer and the Issue of Price Comes Up

Using the Contractors Pyramid Will Help Your Decision a Lot.



It goes a little something like this:


Your product can be three things, GoodFast & Cheap, but you can only have two out the three.


  • If you want it Fast and Cheap, it won't be Good
  • If you want it Cheap and Good, it won't be Fast
  • If you want if Fast and Good, it won't be Cheap


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We have to more professional than this Sitting here watching 4 Wedding. Watching these  photographers block everybody's view taking pictures. Some of these fauxtographers just don't get it, weddings are not photo shoots and they're to be enjoyed by the families and guest, not you!!! Get a telephoto lens and get the hell out the way!  


  This picture isn't from the 4 weddings episode but it makes my point.



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Emotion-Journalist!?! Since I became a wedding photographer I've been struggling as to what brand of photography best fits my personality and style. One thing I knew for sure was I was a "journalist", I naturally tell the story of my clients wedding day... no brainer, but what else? I started out declaring my self as a portrait-journalist since I was promoting my creative style of shooting, but I quickly discovered I'm not a fan of posing. Don't get me wrong, I started out in commercial fashion so I know poses and I capable of posing but when I looked at magazines I found myself staring at the pictures trying to figure out how they created that image, whether they used light or reflectors and from what angle, things like that. I started wondering if that's what brides remember? How I twisted and turned her, how bad her feet were hurting as she held that pose until the lighting was right, how this huge bright light kept flashing in her eyes??? I don't want my brides thinking about that when they looked at their pictures 5 years later, I want her remembering how she felt, how nervous she was while getting ready, how excited she was when her soon to be husband was about to see her in her dress for the first time and how in love she felt as they danced their first dance.

Guess what, not only is that not the making of a portrait-journalist, in my opinion, it's also not the making of a photo-journalist. So what am I? I recently went back and was looking at some of my shots from previous weddings and I realized what I am, I had to coin a new name (it's new, I Googled it and found nothing concerning this word), I am a emoti-journalist or emotion-journalist, perfect!!! I will tell the story of how my clients looked, how they prepared, walked down the isle, said their vows, exchanged their ring and celebrated their love, but I'm going to tell a much deep story as well, the story of Love. How their fiends and family looked at them as they danced, so happy that they found each other, how they looked at each other falling in love over and over as the night progresses. 

That's me! That's ALL me! So now my journey begins with a reboot, branding myself as Thom Lodge of Lani Kai Photography, who specializes in Emoti-Journalism Wedding Photography.






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Emotional Wedding at City Hall!  

Who says you have to spend tons of money to have the wedding of your dreams??? Your dream wedding is personal and intimate and for Amerah her dream wedding was bonding with her future husband wherever that may be.


That magical place became City Hall in downtown Chicago. 



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Chicago Waterfall

Waterfall 25 minutes from downtown Chicago where I would love to shoot a Bridal Session and/or Engagement Session!

Any takers??? Lol!  

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Pin it 2 Win it Thank You  



Thank You to all those who participated in Lani Kai's Pin it 2 win it giveaway!





Winners will be announced on July 4th.

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unbelievably stunning



























This veil is just unbelievably stunning!!!!

Long, classic with beautiful details. To photograph a bride in this veil... #Envious


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Wedding Dresses Under $800.00




















Beautiful elegant traditional wedding dress featured by David's Bridal $649

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Paparazzi Proposal Shoot I want to wish Ben and Daiva a happy engagement. I had the honor of shooting a paparazzi proposal shoot with them.

This was shot in Downtown Chicago on the Riverwalk. There was a fountain there that I was able to hide inside. It was fun and Ben and Daiva are a wonderful couple. 


They're from D.C. and this was their first trip to Chicago.


Paparazzi proposal engagement shoot Paparazzi proposal engagement shoot Paparazzi proposal engagement shoot Paparazzi proposal engagement shoot Paparazzi proposal engagement shoot Paparazzi proposal engagement shoot Paparazzi proposal engagement shoot Paparazzi proposal engagement shoot

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Hawaiian Wedding I have always and continue to dream of shooting Hawaiian Weddings. This picture just add a log to my fire!

Hawaiian WeddingI dream to shoot Hawaiian weddings. Not much could be better

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Trashy Fashion Show

11/15/2013 Lani Kai Photography was honored to be the official photographer for SWANCC (Solid Waste Agency of Northern cook County) during their annual Trashy Fashion Show. The Barrington Courier Review an affiliate of the Chicago Sun Times issued a story on this wonderful organization and their goals. You can read this article at

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Our troops will never be left behind or forgotten!


Lani Kai Photography is very proud to announce it's support for the Wounded Warrior Project. The Wounded Warrior Project has been a staple charity for helping veterans and their families recover from devastating injuries inflicting while serving our country. Lani Kai is committed to doing what we can to tell our beloved men and women in uniform that they are appreciated, loved and never forgotten.

Effective November 2013, Lani Kai Photography with be making a donation in the name of every client that fulfills a package booked with us.

For more information contact Lani Kai photography at

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Wedding Dress Under $1000

Another beautiful wedding dress for under $1000.

This dress is offered by David's Bridal Collection (In store Only) for $599.00

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Waters/Crowe Engagement

Congratulations to Amber Waters and Max Crowe on their engagement!!! I look forward to capturing their big day September 2014!

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Someone always has to look away from the camera lol No matter what you do, what you say or how you plan, it seems whenever you do a group photo one people always has to look away from the camera. It's too funny! In this shot, I let everyone else take their picture so no one else was shooting and I did a three count, yet somehow, the "jailbird girl" still managed to look away. Lol

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Center of attention Beautiful Bride, Center of attentionFrom the Moore wedding  This shot is from the Moore wedding. I love how I captured all men while the bride was coming down the aisle. The spotlight's on her as she's the center of attention.

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Hawaiian Honu (Sea Turtle) Hawaiian Giant Sea Turtle

Giant Sea Turtle basking in the sun of a Hawaiian black sand beach. Is it just me or does she seem to be giving me the cold stare?  

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Priest stops service to yell at photographers

At first I blamed both the priest and

photographer for this incident, the

priest for not showing tact and the

photographer for not checking with

the priest and finding out what his

boundaries are. Upon further review

 this is 100% the photographers fault!

One, for not checking with the priest

about boundaries but more important,

for disrespecting the vow and prayer

session with loud rapid shutter click

aka "spray and pray". The

photographer should be as quiet and

respectful as possible. During this part of the ceremony I only fire my shutter

once, then move on. Never linger behind the officiant, for one it's very

distracting to the priest and two, you are in everybody's view. Get your shot

and get out! 

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Beautiful Classic Wedding Dress I Love this dress. Beautiful and classic!

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